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        On the Pitch

        On the Pitch
        Collection of Robic products for Soccer.
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        The easiest to use countdown timer ever ! Silent or audible beep signal. Versatile and Easy to Use...use it anywhere for any timed event or activity. Counts down in seconds (up to 99 min. & 59 sec.) Shows time remaining...

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        Sold Out $42.99

        The Perfect Referee’s and Official's Wrist Watch! Use this sleek, high-quality wrist watch for every game, inside or outside, day or night Dual Independent Game Timers; one counts down from full minutes while the other counts up in 1/100 second. • Accurate and Reliable Game Timing...

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        The Robic M619 is a high quality, rugged, impact resistant handheld Electronic Whistle which emits a loud, clear signal rated a volume of 120 db.  Personal Safety Alarm...does not spread germs. Hygienic, Washable, Reusable provides sanitary, safe use for multiple events.    *...