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        Total Memory Recall indicates that the Robic stopwatch allows you to review previous readings without interrupting current timing.  Most others require you to exit the stopwatch mode and use a "Memory" mode to access previous readings.


          Breakaway Safety Lanyard:  Exclusively Robic feature! Breakaway Safety Lanyards, provides important safety benefits.  

            water resistant Robic timers  Water Resistant--Others do not test for water resistance. All Robic stopwatches using this designation will operate (buttons can be pressed without any defects) to submersion of 30 meters. 

            Robic products are assembled in the USA and shipped from our warehouses in Waco TX. 

            •  Easy Access battery hatch-Robic created and perfected easy to replace batteries.   
            • Over-sized pushbuttons...our pushers are deigned to be responsive and forgiving.  You need not look at the push button when using a Robic stopwatch, keep your eyes on the action instead.